Introduction to Investing

Always wanted to invest in the stock markets but never knew where to begin? Have you heard of the term Passive Investing, but are not exactly sure what that means?

Learn from a Wall Street Executive through the “Introduction to Investing Course!” 📚💰, the first part of our 10-Course Investing Accelerator Program.

We'll cover:
👉 What to expect when investing
👉 How much to invest.
👉 Understanding the different types of investments.
👉 The 4 main decisions that create value when investing.
👉 IRL (In Real Life) Examples of investments
👉 Your To-Do list --> Actionable exercises to help you start investing. 

Get a first good look at how the mechanics of investments work.




Your Instructor:
Margarita T. CFA

Learn from a Wall Street Executive. Meet our Founder, Margarita T., CFA. 
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Former Wall Street Executive
  • Accomplished Investment Expert
  • Angel Investor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Writer

With 15 years of investing experience under her belt, Margarita’s passion is to guide and empower YOU to invest in global public markets in an exciting new way
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